Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And the Bronze goes to...

My theme so far today seems to be about religion. Our pal Shakey's Sis is going on about it as well. And, oh yeah, she's as pissed off as I am about the way it's stinkin' up our otherwise flawless (pukes on keyboard) political tomfoolery.

I mean, this is to what our national political dialogue has been reduced by these idiots. Rather than teasing out the flaws in Romney's policy platform, Huckabee instead impugns his character merely by accusing him of believing Jesus and Satan are brothers, because everyone knows that's way wackier than believing that Jesus is God's son but Satan is just a fallen angel!

Are you fucking kidding me?

So it doesn't really matter a fig to me whether Romney believes Jesus and Satan are brothers; I still know he's a disingenuous, opportunistic, integrity-challenged dodo. That Huckabee is trying to make it an issue only confirms that he is a brainless, ethically-impaired gobshite, hiding behind his religion because he's got nothing else to offer.

She goes on at length and you should go read.

In her 'comments':

Why aren't you writing in a major magazine?

I use the f word. Also: I have a vagina.

I use the f word too. I wonder if I could write as well as she does if I had a...but I digress, and just in time too!

You just keep doin' whatcher doin', sweetheart, and they'll bleep one out and bronze the other for the Hall of Fame.

Re Jesus and Satan being brothers, just fer grins go see the video Romney doesn't want you to see.

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