Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Fall Of The House Of Bush

It can't come too soon for me. Excellent BuzzFlash interview with Craig Unger. They're trying to sell his book but it's good anyway.

Radar Magazine on the book:

Run, don't walk to buy Craig Unger's brilliant new book The Fall of the House of Bush. Forget about the clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. Unger's subject is the war that really matters: the one between Islamic, Jewish, and Christian fundamentalists on one side, and the scientific (reality-based!) post-Enlightenment world that some of us still prefer to inhabit.

Yes, some of us still do.

From the interview:

BuzzFlash: In essence, what I'm saying is, why the Middle East? Is there another issue other than oil?

Craig Unger: There are two powerful reasons there. It has to do with oil and Israel.

So they saw Iraq as a beachhead from which the US could go after the crown jewel of the Middle East -- Iran. That way, Israel would be secure, and the US would have cozy oil deals with Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran all in the Western camp. This was never about democratizing the Middle East -- if that were the case the neocons would have been screaming to overthrow the Saudis. It was about winning strategic dominance for the US throughout the entire region, with Israeli security and oil being the two great prizes.

Much more. All the usual suspects come under scrutiny. They're all guilty as well.

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