Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GOP Religious Bigotry

Troutfishing at Kos

They just can't help themselves, can they ? The Christmas spirit and religious bigotry, both eternal, are forever at odds but today's religious right dominated Republican Party seems to have gotten one confused for the other. That's not surprising, however, because the religious right of their day, the Puritans, started the Christian war on Christmas to advance the Puritan values of stinginess and religious bigotry, and the contemporary American GOP is sliding right back into that traditional groove. Somebody better call Bill O'Reilly - the war on Christmas has spread to the GOP. Or, maybe it started there.

At this point, Mr. Troutfishing goes into some detail on the Puritans, who, by the way, are with us yet.

After years of screwing up managing the US Federal Government and starting a disastrous and costly war, the GOP has, for once, gotten something right, sort of ;

The original American Christmas spirit was hatred of what we now know as Christmas, and by exemplifying the original, stingy and mean Puritan hatred of Christmas and the Christmas spirit the GOP's new House Resolution may represent a bold new front in the war, against Christmas, which has been languishing since the Puritans took off their hats and drab clothes, got off their hard wooden pews, and learned to enjoy life a little.

Maybe, for his next stunning act, Steve King can introduce a House Resolution calling for non-Christians to be pressed to death with rocks, children stoned to death for talking back to their parents, or dogs tried for witchcraft.

What's Christmas without a little gratuitous meanness ?

The whole "war on Christmas" deal is silly, but religious intolerance is not. I'm very tolerant of other people's beliefs, except of course Repuglicans, unless they're in my face about it or trying to pass laws to make me see things their way.

Note to religionists: practice any rituals you like short of molesting children. Just do it in private. Say anything you like in the public square about injustice and helping your fellow man, but STFU about politics or start paying taxes.

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