Thursday, December 27, 2007

Iraq threatens Korea over oil exploration deal with Kurds

JoongAng Daily

Concerns about high oil prices have met Middle Eastern politics as Iraq warned Korea that it will suspend crude oil exports next month if Korean companies continue an exploration project under an agreement with the Kurdish regional government in the fractious country. Iraq accounts for about 5 percent of Korea’s crude imports.

The Iraqi government is warning Korea? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Note to the Iraqi government: If you don't like the U.S. occupying your country and only 'tolerate' it because a) they're proppin' your flimsy ass up, and b) you can't do anything about it anyway, you REALLY aren't gonna like a Korean occupation! They're not nice like we are. Best not to get in a pissin' contest with 'em.

I watched three Korean Marines clean about twenty American Marines out of a barracks once. The Koreans were small, wiry men, didn't speak very good English, and kept to themselves. The Americans had been teasing them and they got tired of it. Those were the hardest cats I ever saw. They didn't change expression or break a sweat. I think I saw them smile at one another a little whilst viewing the pile of Marines they had built. They didn't really hurt 'em, but they damn sure taught a bunch of arrogant kids a lesson about courtesy. Also about what 'tough' is. Hint: it ain't in the talkin'.

To be fair about it, the KMCs (Korean Marine Corps) were old salts and practical masters of various martial arts. They were all Gunnies or the equivalent with fifteen or twenty years in, including service in the Korean War, and as a reward for outstanding service were granted the great privilege of attending U.S. Marine boot camp. Our guys never stood a chance.

They never kidded the KMCs again, either. Kinda looked at 'em with awe after that.

They had lived all their adult lives under a terrible threat, once acted upon, from North Korea, and were professional soldiers who gave no quarter and asked none. I think the KMC and the ROK Army are like that yet.

So if you Iraqis get in a dust-up with the Koreans, let us know how it goes..if there's enough of you left to tell the tale.

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