Saturday, December 29, 2007

Unpacking ...

The 2nd worst part about vacation. That and saying goodbye to family, especially the older folks. We're finally home after an hour and a half delay getting out of Frankfurt. Shayna's home too and our little family is back together. We're beat so you'll see me tomorrow.

I just wanted to add that we like to fly Singapore Air whenever possible. Even though this was one of the worst times of the year to fly, the Singapore Girls (and boys, but I don't notice them. Heh ...) make it bearable. Their service and professionalism is, by far and we travel a lot, better than any we've experienced. Once again, they went above and beyond.

Thanks again for coming along.


And just a thought I had this morning (Sunday): Over all the trips we've taken, I never mentioned the people who allow us to leave in good conscience and have no worries upon our return. Those would be the good folks at the Glen Animal Hospital in Sea Cliff, NY.

Dr. Melinda Grove (who has been Shayna's vet since pupitude) and her vet staff, along with the kennel and office personnel, allow us to have a good time with peace of mind. With Shayna's little medical problems, we wouldn't be able to take more than day trips were it not for them. They are truly the best.

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