Sunday, January 27, 2008

South Carolina ...

Care less. No, I don't think Obama will run away with it now. I personally think it'll tighten the race. Good. Unfortunately, I think the best John Edwards can do is VP and it looks like he's positioning himself for that. He knows it too. The only thing I know for sure is Bill Clinton should STFU*.

On the Rethug side, I think I'd rather see Romney get the nomination than McCain, just because too many democrats buy in to the 'McCain Fable' and would vote for him over Hillary or Obama. Never underestimate the power of white men to let their sexism and racism boil up at the least opportune times. Hopefully, more Rethugs hate McCain than Dems do. I'd rather Rudy, but he's doing his own crash and burn and probably won't be in the race by the end of February, let alone November.

Unlike most on the left, I certainly don't think a Dem win in November is a sure thing and it might behoove us not to begin gloating prematurely.

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If this is any indication, turnout should be huge in November.

Wow. Estimates had topped out at 350,000. This is a ridiculous improvement over 2004 when just 290,000 voters voted in the Dem primary ...



*Greenwald captures my point:


But the last few days have changed my view on those matters substantially. The Clintons' strategy has become increasingly trashy, even ugly, and yesterday's remarks by Bill Clinton -- in which he pointedly compared Obama's candidacy to Jesse Jackson's and thus implicitly (though clearly) dismissed South Carolina as a state where the "black candidate" wins, followed up by the Clinton campaign's anonymous branding of Obama as "the black candidate" -- reeked of desperation ...

Time for Bill to head home to Chappaqua and start surfing the intarwebs with his pants around his ankles. He ain't doing Hillary any good anymore.

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