Monday, January 7, 2008

They're Ba-ack!


Not a moment too soon to help make sense of things, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be back on duty Monday, ready to mock everything in sight.

The New Hampshire presidential primary scheduled for the next day? A likely topic!

Gee, ya think?

Comedy Central spokesman Tony Fox said, "Stephen and Jon are still figuring out what they're going to do on Monday night's show."

Probably so. But the nation's ruling class, presidential hopefuls and others ripe for ridicule should be all too aware of what's going to happen. Their two-month respite is coming to an end. Stewart and Colbert are on their case again.

Good. We need these guys. The presidential candidates in particular have been getting a pass for nine weeks and it needs to come to an end.

In entirely unrelated TV news, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is starting a run of new shows tonight as well on The Travel Channel. As if I don't get enough smart-aleck Noo Yawkahs around this joint...

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