Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wyoming to Rest of U.S.: "Oh Yeah? Well Screw You Too!"

The Specious Report

The people of the great State of Wyoming don't appreciate being left out of this past week's media frenzy. "Hey, we had a primaries here," insisted Governor David D. Freudenthal. "Where was everybody?"

"Where were all the satellite trucks? Where were the constant annoying phone calls from pollsters? Where was the millions of dollars from TV and radio ads?" the Governor asked.

"What happened to the influx of volunteers and reporters? All our hotels were empty. And what about campaign signs and mailers? All our printing presses were just gathering dust," Freudenthal insisted.

Wyoming's Democratic primary will be held in March. The Governor warns there may be serious consequences if the State is ignored again, even hinting that he may close the borders entirely.

Ya think anybody'll notice?

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