Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What will the 'October Surprise' be, pray tell?


Fall can be a time of surprises. No, not the new TV season, but the kind of surprises that come up in the election year.

The official term "October Surprise" came about in 1980 over an alleged plan for a massive military invasion of Iran for rescuing the hostages. And it also applies to the alleged plot that claimed representatives of the Ronald Reagan campaign conspired with Iran to delay the release of 52 Americans held hostage until after the election. But the element of the "October Surprise" has been an issue in numerous elections.

So no matter whether it's September, October, November, are we getting a fall surprise? Will it be an invasion of Iran? Will Bush resign, giving the reins briefly to Cheney, and nominating Condoleezza Rice to replace Cheney? Will it be a replacement for McCain on the ticket?

Let us know what you think: what might the October surprise be in 2008?

OK, for what it's worth here's my worst-case scenario, and it'll come as no 'surprise': Besides the déjà fuckin' vu of an attack on Iran, a real one this time, 'Baby Doc' Bush will declare martial law, suspend elections indefinitely, decree himself President For Life for reasons of national security, and wipe his ass with what's left of the Constitution.

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