Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jewish activists chain themselves to Israeli Consulate building


Demanding an end to military action in Gaza, eight to 10 Jewish activists chained themselves this morning to the Israeli Consulate building on Wilshire Boulevard.

Other activists who were not chained to the building walked in a circle outside the consulate, chanting: "Let Gaza live! End the siege now." One of the signs they carried read: "The Israeli consulate has been closed for war crimes."

“Jews will not allow the violence that is being done in our name to continue," Howard said. "Not all Jews are united in support of Israel. We [also] recognized the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.”

That's all good, but there are two 'humanitarian crises' in Gaza. One is Hamas which is trying to stir shit up on the Arab Street by taunting Israel to come in and kill innocent civilians. They know damn well they can't eliminate Israel by firing glorified bottle rockets at 'em.

I doubt if Hamas' plan to get the other Arab nations to rise up against Israel will work, because no matter what the man in the street thinks, their governments don't like Hamas either.

The other humanitarian crisis in Gaza is Israel's right-wing hard-line oppression of the Palestinians and they aren't doing themselves any favors with it. Hamas doesn't care. The Israelis could give the Palestinians luxury condos and the keys to the kingdom. Hamas wants Israel gone, no matter what.

The fight going on is far right Islamists against far right Israelis. Just as here, the far right doesn't give a damn about their citizens or human rights or compassion or any goddam thing besides their own agenda.

To settle the Israeli-Palestinian deal, one side or the other is going to have to die and that's what scares me.

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