Monday, January 12, 2009

You know ...

Every fucking cable and broadcast channel is gonna have "a look into the Bush Presidency" special program over the next 8 days. I just got one question.

Where the fuck were all you people while this guy was fucking up?

Seems like the only people yelling about all Bush has fucked up over his term were me, Gord, and the couple thousand other bloggers who've been at this every day for years. Now there's a cottage industry for slamming Bush? Aside from Olbermann, Air America, and us, who in Hell had the balls to ask the questions that needed to be asked?

Not Tweety. Not Dead Ass Timmeh. Not Little George's Hair. Not Uncle Charlie. Not Tom, The Greatest Generation. Fuck all these spineless bastids who lined up, on their knees, with their mouths open, every time the White House issued a set of talking points. I don't want to hear it. On Thursday, the Chimp is gonna say goodbye and that'll be the end of it. Trust me, you ain't 'cutting edge' beating on Bush now. You ain't even 'fashionably late'.