Friday, February 6, 2009

Bunk woody pills for the GOP

From Tina Dupuy's The Sardonic Sideshow - Taking Eternal Vigilance Too Far…

In June of 2006, nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh on his way back from the Dominican Republic, was caught with a prescription bottle (not in his name) filled with the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. By fall, 2006 Details Magazine pronounced that ‘Limbaugh’ was the new slang for the drug. As in, “I just popped a Limbaugh. Now what do I do?”

I just popped a Limbaugh." I got an awful visual of popping the world's biggest zit! Shudder.

So isn’t it now fitting that Limbaugh has become the de facto voice for an increasingly impotent Republican Party? Like Viagra, Limbaugh gets a temporary surge of controversy - a boost in rhetoric. Side effects include dizziness, irrational hatred of liberals and erratic knee jerks

And Limbaugh wants to see President Obama fail? The guy that touted all of Bush’s policies and ‘ideas’ unequivocally for eight years? How many times do you let someone sell you a lemon before you stop buying from him? (author’s note: I was going to say ‘sell you bunk Oxycodone’, too cheap?)

Limbaugh will get a rise out of the GOP faithful (if it last longer than 4 hours…call your doctor). Then he wears off and leaves the party…well…deflated.

FOP? Flaccid Old Pols?

Things were so much simpler when a "Woody" was a surfer's old station wagon. Sigh.

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