Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rushole and his Grand Obstructionist Party

Bill Gallagher goes off on Rushole Limpbaugh, and rightly so.

The Grand Obstructionist Party (my em) is basking in the partisan sun, soaking in the regressive and reactionary rays that have turned the once important national party into a shriveled prune of narrow interests, greed and bigotry.

The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower exists now only as a nostalgic memory, an historic footnote. Any sense of moderation, inclusion and public service for the public good have been effectively purged from the party that now takes its strategic marching orders exclusively from a money-grubbing huckster and third-rate entertainer. Rush Limbaugh is the indisputable face and soul of the post-Bush Republican Party.

For 20 years now, Limbaugh has used his radio show to feed millions with a steady diet of lies, half-lies, deceptions and straw man arguments - heavily spiced with racism, misogyny, fear and hatred. The faithful - the "ditto heads" - then dutifully and mindlessly repeat what they hear.

But now, the entire Republican Congressional leadership, especially in the House, shamelessly follows Limbaugh's orders with the locked-stepped discipline typical of fascist regimes. The non-elected Rush calls the political moves and the elected GOP members of Congress follow.

That's quite an accomplishment for a college drop out who ducked the draft during the Vietnam War because he failed to treat an ingrown hair in a hemorrhoid, went through three wives to now lead the "family values" party, suffered a hearing loss from an addiction to painkillers and - with a $400 million dollar contract through 2016 - has as much in common with working Americans as Queen Elizabeth.

Since we have no idea, thank heavens, what Rushole does on his sex trips to the Dominican Republic, it's entirely likely that he's an old queen too. I hope Liz doesn't have any ingrown hairs in her hemorrhoids. I hope Rush has lots. BTW, Liz did not dodge military service and was a truck driver in the British army in WWII.

Limbaugh is livid over Obama's support for Lilly Ledbetter and the law that bears her name. It threatens the good ole boy games - rooted in discrimination - that the powerful like to play. The first piece of legislation Obama signed into law, The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, protects the rights of people and gives them more time to take pay discrimination cases to court.

This will make you groan: it's been a Goodyear so far for pay discrimination activists...

Limbaugh's hemorrhoids burn when he hears the word s"discrimination" and "unfairness" and he longs for more oxycontin prescriptions to soothe his anger as the victimized white male.

Yeah, he's sure 'victimized' by his $400M contract through '16. Burn, baby, burn!

Rush and his legion of losers long for the good old days. The role of government is to cut the taxes of the rich, paid for with debt for the working class. They want America to remain the world's bully and government spending is good only when it goes to military contractors.

They want control and comfort, sipping martinis and single malt scotch, playing golf, smoking faux Cuban cigars as they set the national agenda and shape public policy in the comfort of their exclusive clubs.

Barack Obama and Lilly Ledbetter are threatening their world.

Good. I hope I live to see it come tumbling down.

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