Thursday, March 26, 2009

For Bourdainophiles

I dig the shit outta Tony Bourdain (site). The quintessential Noo Yawk/Joisey smartass, and he knows his shit. I never miss No Reservations.

Q&A: Anthony Bourdain
The bad boy of cooking serves up some straight talk

What is the biggest mistake people make going into the restaurant business?

When you rely entirely on market research, you end up with a three-headed, fur-bearing trout. [...]

No recipes for those, dammit...

What's special about L.A.'s cuisine to you?

I generally love the funky strip mall joints. I love Koreatown. I don't even know the names of the places because I was so drunk when I went. What L.A. does so well, better than anyone else, is the low end.

THAT is no shit! I don't know jack shit about Korean food other than kim chee stinks, but I do know Mexican and L.A.'s got plenty of great out-of-the-way and unpretentious Mexican eatin' places. Anyone who's been to the walk-up window joints Tito's Tacos or El Mexicano, or many, if not most, of the thousands of mama y papa taquerias, will attest to that as well. Not much to look at or write home about, but awfully good food for not havin' wheels under 'em!


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