Wednesday, June 24, 2009


USA Today

Sanford was in Argentina, not hiking on the Appalachian Trail

He will hold a news conference at 2 p.m ET.

This better be good. Ju got some esplainin' to do, Loosey. Heh.

And oh yeah, getcher clothes and stuff off the lawn of the governor's mansion.

Tony Peyser

Maybe I'm wrong but I now do suspect
That in the near future -- without fail --
New slang for being on a bender will be,
"I'm hiking on the Appalachian trail."

I was actually sort of hoping Sanford was involved in "Naked Hiking Day". Laid in a case of bleach.


Sanford done 'splained it.

The good news: The 'party of family values' ain't gonna have no Sanford/Ensign ticket in '12.

The bad news: None, unless you're the one who already printed the bumperstickers.

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