Friday, June 26, 2009

Things ya don't wanta see at yer next door neighbor's house a few minutes ago

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I got this from a house painter friend of my neighbor who was the only human being in the vicinity after all the commotion died down. Those guys breathe a lotta fumes so take it with a cup of kosher salt. My next door neighbor got bellowing drunk and fell down and hit her head. Another well-meaning neighbor saw it and called 911. The cops were there in number because the EMTs couldn't find her. I know the gal, and she probably hid out so she wouldn't get in any more trouble over alcohol. Didn't work. The cops found her and the medics hauled her away. I saw 'em loadin' her up and she didn't look too damaged. She'll get outta the ER with yet another court date in her pocket.

This kinda shit ain't happened around here since I quit drinking.

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