Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Americans Saving More
Spending less on clothing, transportation.

Obama Compares Health Care to “Ticking Time Bomb”
Justifies torture of certain key Republicans.

Anything justifies that!

Federal Judge Rejects DOJ Argument in Cheney Case that Future Veeps Would Withhold Info from FBI for Fear of Becoming ‘Fodder for Daily Show’
Strict constructionist says Founding Fathers didn’t watch late night TV.

That's 'strict constructionist' philosophy, all right.

New Research Suggests Orangutans May Be Our Closest Relatives
Promises much livelier Thanksgiving dinners.

You'd have to ask Mrs. G's relatives about that. I've been to forty of their Thanksgiving dinners...

One in Four Mammal Species Faces Extinction
One in forty-six hundred mammal species is responsible.

Japan Unveils Latest Bullet Train
Shown: oops, you missed it.

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