Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

I've posted this song before and I like it so I'm doing it again. The song is about spousal abuse, but it hits on other levels as well. Check out some of the lyrics;

"Let the weak be strong"

Ya listenin', Dems?

"Let the Right be wrong"

Ain't they always?

"Let the guilty pay"

Bush/neocon/Repug reference. Fuckin' A.

"It's Independence Day"

Best one in years, too. Have a good one. My unsolicited, free advice on this day is translated from the Chinese - "Light fuse. Retire quickly."

Martina McBride ~ Independence Day

Thanks to icechick65.

And yes, Hannity plays this song. Click on the 'before' link above and read what the gal who wrote the song and I have to say about that. Also, click on the video after it starts and read the first few comments.

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