Thursday, April 15, 2010

Make Texas a Concentration Camp for Wingnuts

Josh Holland at AlterNet.

It’s Tax Day, and Glenn Beck is talking about secession. But he’s not simply re-litigating the Civil War, as is popular in conservative circles these days, he’s calling for an ideological secession. Right-wingers, he says, would kick the rest of the country’s ass hands down if only they could get their hands on a single state. “Think of it this way,” he says to the treasonous MSM, “Make Texas our concentration camp.”

Man, am I down wid dat! I further propose a double-fenced minefield around it!

Then I thought about what a hellhole that concentration camp would be (even if the barbecue is awesome). Let’s not forget that conservative America, contrary to the Right’s tough talk about being self-sufficient, is deeply dependent on us nasty liberals for handouts; without them, their state’s services would be toast.

A nice red and blue map of the donor and leech states.

If Lincoln had let the South go, we’d be living in a wealthy modern state with universal health-care, and the Confederacy, well-positioned for 19th century agriculture, would have developed an economy similar to Mexico’s.

We'da still have had to kick their ass or they'd still have slaves.

If such a thing came to pass, it would be progressives bitching about illegal immigration by Texicans and southerners. Profiling would be easy - just listen to 'em talk.

I think Miss Becky is right for once, just for the wrong reasons. He has a delusional idea about the outcome, but I say give this theory a test. I betcha within two years we'd have to build a sound wall because of the whining from within. Make sure there's lotsa broken glass embedded in the top.

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