Friday, April 16, 2010

Missed it by this much ...

You'd think, if you were selling your 'military expertise' on the open market (read: you're a soulless fucking mercenary), you'd at least take pride in doing the best job possible. Well, not if you've sold your soul in service of the U.S. in Afghanistan:

WASHINGTON — For several years, Afghan police recruits under the tutelage of private U.S. government contractors couldn't understand why their marksmanship never improved.

The answer became clear earlier this year. Italian contractors also helping to train Afghan volunteers showed them that the sights on their AK-47s and M-16s had never been adjusted.


Whadda da fucka? How canna you shoota wit dis a fuckinga shit?


But the training contracts have been plagued by mismanagement. Investigations by the Government Accounting Office and the inspector generals from the Departments of State and Defense have sharply criticized both the contractors and the government oversight. They detailed a lack of supervision and controls over spending, among other failures.

"Just about everything that could go wrong here has gone wrong," Defense Department Inspector General Gordon Heddell told the subcommittee.


The Chimp might be gone but his legacy remains.

Great thanks to Mr. Amato for the link.

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