Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss USA Top Grad of Stripper 101!

Following up on Fixer's post, there seems to be a little controversy arising about the new Miss USA, as this photo of her chewing her shorts has emerged, along with others.

Note to Miss Fakih: Controversy ain't all that's a-risin', and this old man thanks you!

Go see what it's all about at Mojo in the Morning. Be sure to click on "Miss USA Photo Gallery". The gal's a knockout! Also see NY Daily News.

So besides the wingnuts maybe bitching that she's not a 'real' American, some of the anti-fun religionists and phony moralists are likely to add that she's a tramp for participating in a radio show contest and should relinquish her title. We will see.

I stand with Miss Fakih. What's more American than pole dancing?

I think they should add pole dancing to the Miss USA contest. Let's liven that old crap up a little.

Besides, she's a good capitalist:

Now that's American!

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