Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rand Paul, Spurious Superpatriot of May's Sort of Super Tuesday

Pretty good piece on the teabagger victory in Kain-tuck yestiddy.

P.M. Carpenter

On Kentucky's Republican side, however, yesterday brought little but pure joy for Democrats everywhere, as the unctuous Mitch McConnell, in the befuddled personage of Trey Grayson, went down to a humiliating 24-point defeat to the populist hooey of the populist humbugger Rand Paul.

A good lose for McConnell and the Repug establishment.

Yep, that's just about all that's required of Republican success in this, the 21st century: unadulterated anger, served with a side of exotic, mid-20th-century Austrian economics, which, if followed, would hurl us back into the malign economics of the 19th century.

Which further, for reasons not entirely clear to rational minds, seems to be the political desideratum of Mr. Paul's Tea Party and all its Kentucky tea partyers. "We have come," said Paul at the oddly chosen Bowling Green Country Club last night, "to take our government back" -- a most appropriate slogan.

Much more.

The 'baggers should get some cheerleaders to chant their mantra, "Push us back! Push us back! Waaaaaay back!". Maybe Rentboy has 'em.


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