Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who ya afraid of, Becky?

Symbol of Fear: Glenn Beck Wore a Bulletproof Vest at Restoring Honor Rally

Politicususa has the photos to prove it.

Glenn Beck delivered a powerful symbol to America today during his Restoring Honor rally, but it had nothing to do with his words or the crowd. If you looked closely at Beck during his “I Killed a Dream” speech, you could see that he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Beck was afraid of his own fans. [...]

Glenn Beck is so paranoid that he could not face his own fans without wearing a bulletproof vest. This fact not only speaks volumes about Beck, but also the mental stability of his fans. Ironically enough, Beck claimed that he is not a fear monger.

Today’s Tea Party rally disguised as charity was a typical right wing event. They wrap themselves in Patriotism, God, and Country, but beneath this thin veneer of bluster is cowardice and fear. The blue hairs who were attending Beck’s white power festival live in terror. They are terrified of the black man in the White House with the funny sounding name. They are terrified of Muslim people and think that every Islamic believer had a hand in 9/11. They are terrified of progress, and they are most terrified of change.

When they talk about taking America back, they are not only referring to political power. These people literally want to take America back in time. Their goal is to undo all progress. The message is that things were safer before they changed. Of course, in the time before things changed, black people were enslaved or segregated against, women had no rights, the poor could only believe in the American Dream, white people had all the power, and there would have most definitely never been a black man in the White House.

Glenn Beck is no Martin Luther King, and those people who gathered in DC today, were no civil rights marchers. Those involved in the civil rights movement risked their lives for equality, where as Glenn Beck is such a coward that he feels unsafe facing his own supporters without a bulletproof vest. Martin Luther King stood on that same ground 47 years earlier today and offered up a dream for a better America, but all Beck offered up was fear wrapped in Kevlar. Just as the March on Washington was a symbol for all that America could be, Glenn Beck’s bulletproof vest is a symbol of all that the Tea Party isn’t.

Hey, Becky, who the fuck ya afraid of? Lefties don't do that shit and the righties love you. Maybe there's some militant fringe righties that are after you because you're not enough of a batcrap crazy lying racist fearmonger. OK, I get it.

Note to Miss Becky: Have you considered suicide? You can say liberals drove you to it. That would be a great career move! It might restore some honor to this country as well.

The last thing we should want in the world is for someone to shoot Miss Becky and make her a martyr to a phony corporate cause. She needs to be humiliated somehow that will last and drive her off the public stage, but it's unlikely given that her own despicable spew hasn't done it already. The suckers eat that shit up. Sigh.

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