Monday, August 30, 2010

Op-Ed of the Day

This is who `we' really is, Glenn

The we to which Glenn Beck belongs is the we that said no, the we that cried "socialism", "communism", "tyranny" whenever black people and their allies cried freedom.

The fatuous and dishonorable attempt to posit conservatives as the prime engine of civil rights depends for success on the ignorance of the American people. Sadly, as anyone who has ever watched a Jay Walking segment on The Tonight Show can attest, the American people have ignorance in plenitude.

This, then, is to serve notice as Beck and his tea party faithful gather in Lincoln's shadow to claim the mantle of King: Some of us are not ignorant. Some of us remember. Some of us know very well who "we" is.

And, who `"we" is not.

Read this.

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