Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sharron Angle’s Plan For Education: Eliminate All Of It

Think Progress

Speaking at a forum for the right-wing Steamboat Institute last week, Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle effectively declared that public schools should cease to exist. [...]

Oh, indeed! Church- and home-schooled kids without even the minimal secular education they now receive will be much more ignorant and thus better indoctrinated right-wing apparatchiks.

Kudos, Harry! Planting her was your best idea ever!

Funny story: I watch Reno TV for a half hour on weeknights because I like to watch Jeopardy! There are NO commercials these days besides Reid and Angle. I take that back - there's usually one for a muffler shop or a personal injury shyster, but the campaign ads predominate.

Here's the funny part: one ad goes through all of Angle's negatives - well, as many as they can squeeze into one ad - and the voice-over ends with "Sharron Angle - wrong for Nevada" and out and immediately, not a split second later, into the next ad beginning "I'm Sharron Angle and I approve this message".

Heh. They knocked off running those two ads in that order after a coupla times, but just for a minute there it sounded like Angle was admitting she's a Reid plant.

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