Friday, December 10, 2010

Stupid shit ...

As you know, I'm a big football (soccer) fan. One of my little things is team jerseys. When we travel, I buy a shirt from the local team. I wear 'em instead of t-shirts and they're very comfortable. One of the sponsors on Fox Soccer Channel is World Soccer Shop, who sell all sorts of shirts and equipment, and they have a great commercial up for the holiday season.

World Soccer Shop - The Box Is For Me!

The Mrs. says I have the same look when I get a new shirt. That said, a box came for me yesterday.

England National Team and Chelsea FC home jerseys

Thanks, baby!

And a note: They're also a great way to break the ice with strangers when we're in Europe. Being football is so big over there, it's guaranteed someone will come up to you and say "oh, you like so-and-so?" and a conversation begins, though in Italy a Juventus fan gave me shit for wearing an ACF Fiorentina shirt. Can't please everybody ...

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