Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What if...?

I've always kinda had the notion that Obama is a Stealth Ninja Jedi.

What if he made this awful tax cut deal with the Repugs giving them more than they wanted at terrible cost, knowing that it would disarm them completely and they would crow over it but that it would cause such an outcry and backlash from the Dems while they are still in the majority in the House that it would never get passed, no how, no way, unh-uh, nada, zip, bupkis like it seems may happen and not leave the Repugs time to do anything about it?

I know this is fanciful and 99.9999% certainly not so, but if it is...

The Bush tax cuts will expire like they were going to all along, the Repugs will have been snookered completely, and Obama will have added 11-layer 3-dimensional chess to his Stealth Ninja Jedi act.

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