Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Instead of ...

Demonizing people who can't speak English, why not teach them? And you wonder why I love New York:

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Sometime during the wash cycle, as this load is drying and he is almost done sorting, there's a change going on here, subtle but significant.

Part classroom, part laundry, in the back corner of magic touch, is where you'll find the newly created "Inwood Laundromat Language Institute".

Hector Canonge came up with the idea after seeing people in his community, of which many are new Spanish speaking immigrants, struggle with even basic things.


God bless this man.


Arthur Mervyn said...

My hat's off to anyone (especially adults) who can pick up even the rudiments of a new language. I don't think I could. And, yes, God bless Hector Canonge for what he's doing.

montag said...

Don't let Pete King find out about that good man.

Anonymous said...

District Attorney, in the county that Vail, CO is in, got sick of complaints about migrants not behaving correctly.

So he started classes to tell them the social mores and conventions in the area. Totally ignoring illegal vs legal.

Complaints about all night parties, people stopping in the middle of intersections to talk and public drinking dropped like a rock.

Of course, he was voted out of office at the next election.