Thursday, August 4, 2011

This one - no, that one - no, the other one...

Interesting tidbit from an article in the LATimes:

Conservatives love to use liberals as the boogeyman of big government, but the liberal vote has always been a dicey matter. According to most polls, about 20% of voters is a liberal, substantially less than the about 40% who identify themselves as conservative. Thus the battle for independents often determines elections, especially national ones.

Liberals are also notoriously diverse in ideology and are often seen as ineffective in governing — even by friends and allies. As H.L. Mencken noted last century: “The Liberals have many tails, and chase them all.”

We is outnumbered and running in circles accomplishing very little. No wonder we is losing. This may be beginning to change in some states but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it. Blue is not my best color.

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Fixer said...

Yeah, circular firing squads r us.