Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The one thing ...

I learned from the Amanda Knox case is not to get on the wrong side of the Italian judicial system.


BadTux said...

And the one thing *I* learned is, never go to Italy.

Way to go, Italy! Way to help your tourism business!

- Badtux the Touring Penguin

Gordon said...

The only Italian stuff I like is the food and bikes anyway and I can get those here.

Fixer said...

... never go to Italy.

Yeah, like that would happen.

DBK said...

Um, you know, it isn't automatic that you get arrested if you go to Italy. Just sayin'.

Miscarriages of justice have happened in a lot of places, and I would be a lot more nervous about traveling to Texas, where Amanda Knox would be dead already, than Italy. At least they don't execute their miscarriages of justice in Italy.

By the way, I knew the prosecution was BS when they said this girl and her boyfriend went into some kind of drug-crazed violent sexual deal from smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana? Get real. Maybe if they were coke bugs or boozing, but reefers? They must have screened the original jury to make sure no pot smokers were on it, because pot smokers would have acquitted her the minute they heard she was smoking herb. You don't go crazy and kill people when you smoke herb...unless they won't give you that last slice of pizza.