Wednesday, October 5, 2011

" Yes, dear criminal. You should be very worried."

An articulately inarticulate post on Occupy Wall St. by you know whom:

Oh, shut the fuck up, mainstream media. You know exactly what the Occupy Wall Street (and dozens of other places) protests are demanding. [...]

They all come down to the same thing, the same thing: power, specifically of the economic sort. The United States government has allowed corporations, whether its oil companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, or whatever, to have the power in the nation under the lie that their rising profits are the key to economic salvation. Now, after decades of corporate-friendly policies, mostly to the detriment of the individual worker, the lie has been made plain. If the Tea Party had not been racist and gun-toting and stupid and easily manipulated from the start, it would have had the same message.

Maybe if it had been allowed to by Armey and the Kochsucker brothers.

All but the most deluded believers in the bullshit chimera of voodoo economics (as we called it back in the day) know that taxes must go up. They know that the government must spend more on infrastructure and education here. They know that health insurance must be nationalized. They know that the wars must end. They know that criminals must be prosecuted. They know that Wall Street needs to be regulated. They know it and either won't do it because it'll cut into corporate profits or they can't do it because it's being blocked by the maniacs.

Or both.

In the simplest Marxist terms, capital must be taught a lesson that labor is its superior in the power structure. You want a real revolution, with unemployed, hungry masses demanding your heads? Then ignore this anger.

A banking CEO contacted the New York Times's Andrew Ross Sorkin to ask if he should be worried about the uprising.

Yes, dear criminal. You should be very worried. Not about your life. But about your grip on the throat of Americans.

The slower Americans are to anger, the deeper is the anger when they do and then it's Katy-bar-the-door. I'm hoping for that.


Fixer said...

I'm hoping for that.

You and me both.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it IS amazing that the MSM can't figure out " just what those OWS hippies stand for."

They certainly seemed to have no trouble understanding the Tea Party crazies, no matter how fuzzy-minded and mush-mouthed they were.

Maybe the MSM is half-deaf from listening to all the braying and bellowing of the Very Serious People of Fox News, the Republican Party, and Wall Street?

Fixer said...

They certainly seemed to have no trouble understanding the Tea Party crazies ...

The Teabaggers can't use big words. Heh ...