Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The End of the Occupy Camps Is the Start of the Next Phase

The Rude Pundit

Of course the occupations have to be destroyed by the police. That was the point, wasn't it? Draw out the authorities. Get them to respond to your actions. Transform yourself into beings with your own agency, no longer objects to be acted upon. And how does that not bait the ones with the batons and the pepper spray and the ones who order them to attack?

While we need to take care of the outdoor occupiers, we cannot cling to slivers of land when we have a nation to take back.

This time, WE get to be the Viet Cong. They won, you know.


Labrys said...

And now that the Senate passed that piece of shit legislation allowing indefinite military detention of US citizens without charge or trial....just call 'em "suspected terrorists" you see.....the fear floggers will be girding up to ram that shit thru so they can REALLy stomp folks like Occupy.

Does this mean there will be run on black pajamas?

Gordon said...

Black Snuggies! :-)

Jimbo said...

OWS and all equivalents should now engage in spontaneous disruptions of a civil disobedience nature to keep the attention of an American electorate that generally is Altsheimer in nature.