Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So long, Barney

Thanks to Slate.

Note to Barney: We'll miss ya, bud. We need more like you.

Here's a suggestion for something to do post-retirement: take all the Repug shit you've spoken out against, paint it white, and open a ski hill.


Crooks and Liars, video.

One of my news junkie pet peeves is how many of us go on a feeding frenzy of "why why why?" when anyone, especially of our own political stripe, leaves Congress voluntarily. Barney Frank was my congressman when I was a student at Brandeis. I love the guy, but I think when the guy is 71 he has a right to retire. (And I certainly wish John McCain, 75, and his older colleagues, SHOULD retire. I said so in 2010.) Congress is NOT a lifetime appointment.

That said, dang, we're gonna miss you, Barney.


CAFKIA said...

That will never work Gord. The closer you get to the top of a pile of republican shit, the mushier it gets. At the top no one can stand. Just being close to the top of the republican shit pile makes you sink in until you are coated with shit and your position is constantly shifting.

Nope, I can't see that working.

Gordon said...

Yeah, you're right. TWO coats of paint to stiffen it up.