Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gonna miss Barney ...

But I don't think anyone should be in Congress for 30 years. As I've said many times here, Congress should be a calling, not a career. We'd solve a lot of this nation's problems with term limits on senators and congressmen.


Gordon said...

I agree, and I'm down wid fumigating K St. too.

BadTux said...

So Gordon, how have term limits worked out here in California? Can you truly say that California is governed better today, after term limits, than it was governed in the era *before* term limits? As far as I can tell, all term limits has been good at doing is limiting-out practical pragmatic politicians who get shit done for the state, in favor of green-as-grass newbies who haven't a clue and rabid ideologues who want to destroy the state to save it from so... sosh... soshalists and Messicans.

Anybody who says term limits are the answer is just ignoring the facts of what's happened to every -- EVERY -- state that's adopted them. Hint: It's *not* been an improvement.

- Badtux the Fact-based Penguin