Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In my dreams!

Raw Story

Former Bush political adviser Karl Rove seemed a bit flustered Tuesday night after his speech to Johns Hopkins University was interrupted by a group of about 15 protesters connected to “Occupy Baltimore,” who got under his skin enough to get him cursing.

A reporter for The Johns Hopkins News-Letter said Rove even challenged one of the protesters to a fight.

(Gordon, jumping up and down, waving frantically) "Yoohoo! Turdie! Over here! Pick me! Pick me!"


Opti said...

I got $50 on the guy who's not Karl Rove. Any takers?volephr

Grandpa Eddie said...

Whoever it is, Opti, they best get in line after Gord.

David Aquarius said...

I wanna turn! Please, please, let me have a turn!

Ed, that's gonna be a long, long, long ass line!

Labrys said...

Oh, that made me laugh. Hell, pass his fat ass over here to ME. I'm a little (5'2" eyes of blue) old broad....but I still have all my TEETH. Not afraid to use 'em either. AFter all....there IS Listerine.

nunya said...

lol :)