Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Call A Barnyard Fulla Shit On B of A

This video is great in one respect and total horseshit in another.

It's great for Pink's Hot Dogs. Pink's is an institution in L.A.. It's world famous. I've been there lotsa times. I think Fixer has even been there. One reason: absolutely great hot dogs. The sidewalk ambience is pretty good too. It's a fun place to go.

Here's the three foot deep swamp of pig shit: Pink's has been where it is, with other locations now, for 70 years. Back in the day, Bank of America was a California-only bank owned by the Giannini family, whose patriarch founded it in San Francisco as the Bank of Italy in 1904. The name was changed in 1922 and again in 1930.

When the banking rules were changed under Reagan is when B of A was able to operate outside California and became the 5th largest criminal enterprise in banking it is today. They're trying to pass it off as though today's version was responsible for Pink's and they're still a small business and family friendly neighborhood bank.

Bullshit. Far from it.

They're doing the exact same thing about an enterprise up in Washington, a grocery store chain started after WWII by a returned Japanese-American concentration camp internee. Whatever in-state bank that made that loan was acquired by B of A after Reagan started us down the yellow brick road to ruin.

B of A is claiming credit for startup loans they didn't even make.

When I researched this, I discovered more B of A ads than you can shake a stick at, all trying to convince us they're a force for good and we should love them for the royal screwing they've been giving us for years.

I gotta go wash B of A chickenshit off.


Fixer said...

I been to Pinks once.

BadTux said...

Dudes. The bank currently known as "Bank of America" ain't even a DESCENDENT of the bank that was started in San Francisco. It's a South Carolina bank formerly known as NationsBank, which purchased the assets of Bank of America back during the Clinton years then changed their name 'cause their name was shit 'cause of those crackers doing, well, the kinda bullshit they're currently doing, so they figured they'd scam folks into thinkin' they were a *real* bank rather than a buncha scumbags by adopting the prestigious "Bank of America" name. Don't make'em any different than the same redneck asswipes they always been, tho, the kinda assholes who liked siccing police dogs on little black children back in the day, folks with no morals and the whiff of brimstone about them.

So yeah: Scam. Full-fledged scam. If Bank of America did it before 1998, today's Bank of America had shit-all to do with it, 'cause today's Bank of America was a South Carolina bank called NationsBank at that time, they just bought the name and assets of that old Bank of America. 'Nuff said.

- Badtux the History Penguin

Gordon said...

So they bought a clean name to keep doing bad shit. I guess I didn't read far enough. Total scam then, actually reinforces my post.