Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please text me your naked email URL

If it's Wednesday, it's Morford on a whole bunch of social communication problems that until recently we didn't know we would ever have.

And so I thought, I need to reconnect with her. Need to send her a note. Need to say hi and see what's what and how wildly her world is spinning.

So I reached for the phone to... wait, no, I clicked on the link to... no no, I opened the chat window to... um, text her an email about the Facebook photo I was about to Skype in the... dammit, wait a second.

I was, for a ridiculous and surreal moment, paralyzed. What's the best way to reconnect in this particular context? Which mode has the right tone and feel? Should I send her a text? A funny photo? Facebook message? Skype? How about a more thoughtful, considered email? It's been a few months, after all. Maybe a postcard? An iPhone Postagram of an Instagram of a Hipstamatic snapshot of a letter I wrote on an iPad chat window's notebook app? Who can tell?

Or maybe I should do the least common, most archaic thing of all, something with which the next generation apparently has almost zero skill and hence which might just spell the end of civilization as we know it, and pick up the damn phone?

I've got email, Facebook, Alternate Brain, and a land line and sometimes that's too many. Sometimes there are advantages to being a dinosaur.

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