Friday, December 9, 2011

Super-sized Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 10

This'll be totally bitchin'! Go see. Good graphics.


Galileo126 said...

As a professional astronomer for NASA, I've got access to the coolest telescopes in the world.

But here's the coolest view a (total) lunar eclipse, all you need are functioning eye(s). No scope needed. And for free!

Wake up, get outside...and look! (I plan to go outside in my PJs...cause that's what I used to do as a kid.) Here in SoCal, it starts about 6 am (totality), ending at 7am (totality). The Penumbral phases start earlier/later.

OK, I don't sleep in PJs....but shorts and a T-shirt works.


Gordon said...

We have mountains to our west and the moon set behind them before the eclipse started so I missed it. Too cold here for shorts and a t-shirt but the neighbors love me in those...