Friday, April 20, 2012

Useful and fun!

Go look up "hemp" and see all the uses it has, aside from the good one.


David Aquarius said...

It is said that cannabis was made illegal 75 years ago at the urging of William Randolph Hearst, who owned thousands of acres of timber and paper mills across the country. Hemp products, especially paper, would have severely cut into his burgeoning monopoly. Advances in manufacturing and processing hemp were making it much cheaper and more available than wood.

So, once again, some rich asshole goes whining to the government to get rid of something beneficial to America for no other reason than greed.

Mitt Romney would be proud!

Gordon said...

There were other reasons too, one of them being a racial animosity against Mexicans during The Depression.

See The American Disease: The Origins Of Narcotic Control.

David Aquarius said...

So true. Cannabis prohibition is based on racism and greed. No wonder the GOP support continuing the restrictions.

It's tailor-made for them.