Friday, September 14, 2012

Bryan Fischer: Today’s GOP Will Be ‘Dead’ If Romney Loses

Gee, he says that like it's a bad thing...


A Barack Obama win in November will lead to a meltdown within the Republican Party, said Bryan Fischer, an influential official at the American Family Association. And he isn’t too optimistic about Mitt Romney’s chances.

“If Barack Obama wins this election the Republican Party as we know it is finished, it is dead, it is toast — you can stick a fork in it,” he told TPM Friday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. “And conservatives, grassroots conservatives, are either going to start a third party or they are going to launch a hostile takeover of the Republican Party.”

Fischer said he believed Romney would be leading national polls by double digits at this point if he had followed Paul Ryan’s lead and offered more detailed conservative positions on the budget and social issues.

Fischer and his hate group are among the worst of the worst. The funny (bad choice of words, I know) part is that these phony xtians think their Dead End Quarter is in the majority.

“I think if Mitt Romney loses this election that the pro-family leaders in the United States should get together with Rick Perry on Nov. 7 and start planning for 2016,” he said.

Excellent idea. Perhaps we'll never hear from them again.

Here's a little more on Ryan at the "value" voters circle jerk today:


People For the American Way today challenged the Romney campaign for its decision to send vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to speak today at the Values Voter Summit, an event organized by groups that regularly push false and demeaning smears about gays and lesbians, Muslim-Americans and others. These groups also push extreme anti-woman policies, including defending Rep. Todd Akin after his "legitimate rape" comments.

“By speaking at the Values Voter Summit, Paul Ryan sends a clear message: a Romney-Ryan administration has decided to embrace the entrenched bigotry advocated by the farthest of the far right,” said Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way.

Philosophically speaking, I guess I have to thank these wingnut hater assholes for showing me how much hate I have in my own soul. For them. Not a pretty realization.


montag said...

Bryan Fischer has given me something to pray for.

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