Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The "October Surprise"?


Netanyahu: Without ultimatum, U.S. has no ‘moral right’ to stop Israel from attacking Iran

I think Secretary Clinton and President Obama have their work cut out for them to stop Bibi from attacking Iran in order to influence our election in an attempt to restore Romney's neocons to the seat of power.

If I were Emperor (EOTUS) I would support Israel. If they were the agressors, I would support them from afar, and verrrrry slowly in any military way. Slow enough, in fact, that they would do better if we sent FEMA instead of military assistance. If they start it, let them fight it.


merlallen said...

I agree. What is it with the "Let's you and him fight" bullshit? Let them do it alone.

Gordon said...

They know better than that. Without us, they might get their ass kicked this time.