Friday, September 14, 2012

I didn't know they had Republicans in Pakistan

Anger Rolls Across Pakistani City in Aftermath of Factory Fire

KARACHI, Pakistan — The towering metal door at the back of the burned-out garment factory could have been an escape for many of the low-paid textile workers caught in the fire here on Tuesday. Instead, it stands as a testament to greed and corruption at a factory where 289 trapped employees died.

As hundreds of workers scrambled to escape the flaming factory after a boiler explosion, they found the main sliding door — 30 feet high, big enough for a truckload of cotton — firmly locked. Instead of letting the workers escape, several survivors said Thursday, plant managers forced them to stay in order to save the company’s stock: piles of stonewashed jeans, destined for Europe.

Go read this sneak peek at manufacturing here if Rmoney gets "elected".

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tom said...

triangle shirtwaist fire, history repeats itself again and again, greedy industrialists do not value human life