Friday, September 7, 2012

Light Blogging Today

In a thankfully rare alignment of the planets in the Honey-Do and Stack-'em-up-and-do-'em-later universes, four-plus projects have come to a head on the same day and I gotta deal with 'em. This will free me up to continue with other projects. You'll enjoy retirement too! :-)

In the meantime, go read The Rude One on Obama's speech:

This shit is hard, our President told us, harder than he ever imagined. He more or less dismissed the entire Republican platform as unworthy of discussion by adults in a nation with genuine problems, and that it is instead the wish list of deranged plutocratic children. Indeed, what he was trying to convince us with all of his talk of the "choice" was that it was not between him and Romney. It was between him and apathy because, and every so-called pundit everywhere knows this, if the energy of the electorate is within spitting distance of 2008, Romney is finished. Romney wins only through apathy and outright voter suppression. [...]


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