Monday, September 3, 2012

Next Right Wing Media Lie

Of course by the time I post this it will be the last Repug lie. They come like title of a movie - "Fast And Furious". Following up on Friday's post.

Eastwood Was a Sabotage Agent for the Obama Campaign

Given that the Republican presidential campaign this year has exponentially increased the use of lies – although that would appear a difficult threshold to cross after the Bush 2000 and 2004 campaigns – it may not be long before the right wing media echo chamber starts accusing Clint Eastwood of being an Obama campaign mole.

So, one figures it won't be long – given Eastwood's socially progressive and fiscally right wing politics – before FOX and Limbaugh start sending out the meme that Eastwood was an Obama campaign mole.

There is, in fact, little the Obama campaign could have done to tarnish Romney's acceptance speech evening, but Eastwood – in his own flip seedy stunt -- did it for them.

Of course, Eastwood's appearance was the brainchild of the Romney campaign – and allegedly Romney himself.

But that may not keep the right wing media echo chamber – which glows bright on the embers of lies – from claiming that Eastwood was a sabotage agent for the Obama campaign.


Obama to Eastwood: Fine job! The check's in the mail!

I mighta made part of that up. :-)

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Phil said...

Come to find out, Steve Benen has been keeping track of the lies and no, we aren't imagining it.
Romney lied 533 times in 30 days!

Naturally I posted about it but here is the original link from Crooks and Liars,