Friday, November 12, 2004

Fuck you, Grandma 2

AARP's been bought. Via Atrios:

The White House dislikes the word "privatization,'' which it sees as a misleading and imprecise way to describe Mr. Bush's ideas for Social Security. Democrats insist that the term is accurate.

E-mail messages circulated within AARP in recent weeks indicated that the group would avoid the word whenever possible.

One message, by an editor of an AARP magazine, says, "There is a new forbidden word at AARP: Social Security privatization.''

Another e-mail message, by a manager of its Web site, says, "The term 'privatization' is stricken from our vocabulary forever.''

David M. Certner, the organization's director of federal affairs, said "privatization'' had no fixed meaning or definition. To some people, he said, it means "getting rid of the entire program'' - a goal not favored by the White House.

You knew they went under when they endorsed that stupid prescription drugs card plan thing that did absolutely nothing. Except allow his cronies in the pharmaceutical industry to make more profits off our seniors. Now they're not even taking an objective look at Bush's Social Security savings account not-privatization thing that will probably do absolutely nothing. Except allow his corporate cronies to fuck our seniors again. Didn't AARP begin life as an advocacy group or something like that? I'd think twice about getting involved with them at this point.

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