Sunday, November 7, 2004

I Kid You Not

Go read Are You Effin' Kiddin' Me? 'til your eyeballs hurt. Here's a coupla excerpts:

To put it another way, the animals can now be let out of our cages. There is no more reason to hold us back.

And we will make them curse the day they left the left with nothing left to lose. (my emphasis)

You, dear readers, are hereby drafted as soldiers in the opinion wars. You must strike early, strike hard and strike often. Go for broke (my emphasis).

And where are they getting this data on morals? EXIT POLLS?!? ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?!? How can you have one story that says "Exit Polls Blow It Out Ass, Will Never Be Used Again" sitting right next to a story that says "Exit Polls Show Election Was A Referendum On Morals"? H-h-h-h-how?!

Just in case anyone isn't sure, remember what "moral values" means:

Gays shouldn't have rights

"Abortionists" should be killed

The poor do not deserve your help

It's better to be sectarian in all aspects of life

None of the above applies to rich people

This guy is good. He must be. He links to US!

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