Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More wingnuttery

May 17 - The White House's top lawyer warned more than two years ago that U.S. officials could be prosecuted for "war crimes" as a result of new and unorthodox measures used by the Bush administration in the war on terrorism, according to an internal White House memo and interviews with participants in the debate over the issue.

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The concern about possible future prosecution for war crimes—and that it might even apply to Bush adminstration officials themselves— is contained in a crucial portion of an internal January 25, 2002, memo by White House counsel Alberto Gonzales obtained by NEWSWEEK. It urges President George Bush declare the war in Afghanistan, including the detention of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters, exempt from the provisions of the Geneva Convention.

[. . .]

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your new Attorney General. And you were worried about Ashcroft? This guy is smarter.

Link via WTF Is It Now??.

Update: 16:30:

Guess where Mr. Gonzales was a corporate lawyer? Say it with me . . . yup, ENRON.

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