Friday, January 7, 2005

Bend over and grab your ankles

WaPo via Pudentilla:

Army leaders are considering seeking a change in Pentagon policy that would allow for longer and more frequent call-ups of some reservists to meet the demands of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, a senior Army official said yesterday.

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So, we're gonna change the Reserves deployment elegibility from a maximum of 24 months over several deployments, to no more than 24 months on each deployment. The draft is getting closer, folks. They're running short of people and recruitment numbers are falling.

If, as Kevin said, Bush is gonna use the elections to cut and run from Iraq within the year, they'll recover. But if it's as most of the TV generals have said, the need to sustain these troop levels for five to ten years, there is no way around the draft. If anything kills the all-volunteer force, if it's not dead already thanks to Stop-Loss, it'll be the 'breaking' of the Guard and Reserves.

Update: 17:55:

Kevin Drum:

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If this happens, it's for all intents and purposes a draft.

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