Friday, January 7, 2005

A good try

Mr. Furious at Shakespeare's Sister:

Ohio Electoral Objection Fails

The Senate voted 75 - 1 against it.
The House Voted 257 - 33 against it. (still counting)

Democrats voted with Republicans on this because they are scared shitless about losing their jobs. It seems we effectively have a one-party system.

Hope you enjoyed Democracy. It was fun while it lasted.

And I got this from Contest The Vote in an email this morning. It's on their homepage too.

[. . .]

The passion and fire of the members of the House Caucus was truly inspiring. Each one spoke with great sincerity and truth, weakly challenged by the "get over it" statements of those who sought to deny that there are any problems with our Democracy. In addition to acknowledging those brave members of the House of Representatives, we must individually write, phone, and fax OUR Senator Barbara Boxer. Without the support of Senator Boxer, we would have had a repeat of that ugly scene from Fahrenheit 9/11 where President-elect Gore told each Caucus member to sit down and shut up.

NO OTHER SENATOR JOINED SENATOR BOXER! They are still afraid to stand up to the White House Bully for fear of losing some of their own power. In addition, their staff could lose their premium parking spaces, another fact of life in the Democracy of the United States of America. It is now time for us to acknowledge Senator Boxer. (I will no longer refer to her as "Boxer".) Her contact info is below so you can write her your own message of support.

[. . .]

Californians should be very proud of their Senator. Tell her so:

Senator Barbara Boxer's Contact Info:
Phone: 202.224.3553 (DC)
Fax: 202.228.3972 (DC)

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