Saturday, January 8, 2005


I was over at The Corner (don't ask, I was over there looking over something another Reality-based blogger linked to) when this caught my eye. From that nitwit Jonah Goldberg:

CALL ME CRAZY .... [Jonah Goldberg ]

But I think this guy's post about Armstrong Williams is flat-out racist, and it's not like I throw that around lightly.

I found it while searching Technorati for what the blogosphere was saying about Armstrong Williams. I don't know much about Steve Gillard. Okay I don't know anything execpt I've come across the name in searches before and Technorati says it's fairly well-known.

Anyway, I find the Williams thing to be a total trainwreck, but I don't think it warrants lame slave jokes and the like. Then again, I don't think anything warrants even non-lame slave jokes. Shame on this guy whoever he is.

Crazy? No, you're a fucking idiot, but less of one than the rest of the assholes at NRO. He links to Steve Gillard's post:

[. . .]

Of course it's totally unethical and illegal, but hey, he's already sold his soul to massa, why not sell it some more. Massa George wanted him to do somethin' so he did it. And got paid well for it.

On top of Clarence Thoams begging his white patrons for money, this ought to expose the character of the negro conservative. They have no soul and no morals. They can be bought by their white overlords because they apsire to their status, but think themselves unworthy to be treated as the same. Now, I'll freely admit both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have used their position to gain personally. But this kind of craven greed is a feature of the negro conservative. He shuffles and bucks along for his master, losing his soul and dignity in the process.

[. . .]

Now, I love Gillard. I like people who call 'em as they see 'em. Steve's also a brother, but he could be as white as my ass, because he's absolutely right. Calling yourself a Black Republican is to call yourself an Uncle Tom steppanfetchit. How can any black person support people who would have them around only to hold up as tokens? If it were up to the Repubs, Armstrong Williams, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Rod Paige, and the rest of the tokens, would be in the fields picking cotton. Goldberg and his ilk have the utmost of gall to let the word racist cross their lips, especially trying to brand Gillard as a self-hating nigga. Steve wrote a reply to Goldberg here:

[. . .]

I normally don't visit that sewer of a site of yours, but calling me racist while working for NRO is, at best a joke. How could you tell the difference? I mean, don't you work with a company full of anti-black bigots like Rich Lowry? Didn't William Buckley defend segregation?

I did notice, however, you were first in line to toss Williams to the wolves. Couldn't wait, could you?

[. . .]


Update: 06:00:

That Colored Fella has more.

Update: 10:10:

While I'm on the subject of Steve Gillard. He goes on this morning about dealing with idiots like Jonah Goldberg and other racist assholes.

[. . .]

The thing about blogging that has been reenforced over the year is the futility of appeasing the right. They're gonna come after you anyway, no matter what you say or do, so standing up to them is the rule of the day. Those people only mean me ill. Pretending that there is a common ground is futile.

Congress can't act like that because they have to do things. But what the fuck are Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg gonna do for me? Not one fucking thing. I won't play tit for tat with them. I consider them little better than racist scum and I don't really consider their opinions/ They're just clowns to me. I know some people want to debate them and exchange ideas. I don't. I have more readers than that racist rag of a magazine does.

[. . .]

Update: 14:50:

Not only did Ol' Armstrong sell out his ethics, his race, and his soul, he also sold out his sexual orientation. I look at gay Republicans the same way I do black Republicans. Wouldn't piss on 'em if they were on fire. A gay, black Republican, a waste of my good air.

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